Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Iron Dave's First Confession

Like Most Con Men
He Wanted An Out

David Boyer has been publishing all over the web that he's not a plagiarist.  That it's all lies.  So I thought some of you would like to see what he sent me to publish back in October.

And you probably wonder why  the infamous Vincennes, Indiana mass plagiarist complains that he already confessed to me and apologized and I still won't let up.  Let's clear that up right now.  It's because he apologized under an alias!!!

Here's his first confession, delivered after the deadline I imposed, delivered without the complete list of his aliases I demanded and without him defining his theft as plagiarism.  He preferred the word "used."  See what you think.  More to come. 
“I, David Byron, Iron Dave, Doc Byron, admit I used Rick Moore's story, Electrocuting the Clowns, as my own, for monetary gain. I did so out of desperation due to extreme financial distress at the time of the act. Since then, I have been saved - became a Christian - and intend to move forward with my life in a much better manner, abiding by all the rules of the literary and publishing business, and will not commit this type of act again. I know it was wrong, and I sincerely apologize to Mr. Moore for doing this to him. I hope that all concerned will forgive me in time as well. 

David Byron / 10/5/2010”

Is he a dufus or what?  David Boyer tries to confess under an ALIAS.  So, he didn't meet the deadline I imposed, he didn't give a complete list of his aliases (he published my story with his various aliases on it all over the web) and he couldn't man up enough to give the apology in his own name. 

Ouch.  That's why people quit calling him Iron Dave and started calling him Tin Foil Dave.

Oh yes, and David Boyer plagiarized me AFTER he publicly delcared himself a Christian.  And did the same to many others after his declared "conversion."

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  1. So he's bringing Christianity into it, eh? Picture this: Somewhere, in a church in Vincennes, Indiana, a very repentent plagiarist picks up a Bible for guidance, nay, for forgiveness . . . and quickly uses his pen to scrawl "by Iron Dave" on the front cover.

  2. Martin, I do believe you have it right!

  3. Hmmm...a "Christian" that plagiarizes Christians. Now THAT's turning the other (ass) cheek!