Friday, May 6, 2011

Boyer Makes a Stinky

A Book in the Pants is Worth... Not Much
If It's Written by David Boyer

The Everyready Plagiarist is writing a book. 

It makes perfect sense.  I'm writing a book about him.  He's terrified about the material it will reveal.  So what's a plagiarist like David Boyer to do?  Well, since he doesn't have original ideas, he steals from me.  He decides to write a book about himself, too.  Damn.  But the Vincennes, IN Plagiarist doesn't like the truth, because it makes him look bad.  So in his version, he's a victim of hideous cyber-stalkers. 

How can this be?  In his personal fairy tale, he's an honest man, villified by others, stalked by them on the Internet and even threatened by them.  There's a mob after him, you see.  He believes this religiously.  Sure he was a mass plagiarist, an online predator editor who victimized so many writers I've lost count of the total.  Why would anyone be angry with him?

Then again, David Boyer- known to many as "Can't Hitchhike Dave"- believes in his prevaricating soul that he's not a plagiarist, and if he believes that, he can believe anything.

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