Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Boyergate Flash! Puppet Boy Claims He Wrote "Macbeth"

The Plywood Plagiarist


I first interviewed the man now known as the "Plywood Plagiarist" a few weeks ago.  We talked on and off the record for a few days.  The interviews went well enough and he proved himself naturally photogenic for the story cover shot. But by the time the series was done, I felt he looked somehow different from the man I interviewed on that first day.  His appearance seemed to change as he spoke about his "inadvertent use of other people's stories."

But one thing was clear- if he kept on lying long enough, I'd have to rename him Boyernocchio.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The David Boyer Web Identity Look-Alike Contest

I'm Giving Away a Red Ball Nose
to the Best Web Detective

Yes, it's the Holidays!  And to honor the season,  Plagiarism Watchfires is giving away a Red Ball Nose worn by Rudolph himself to the Web Detective who can track down the most David Boyer online web identities and websites.  His constant shifting of identities (is Jack Sawyer his latest?) makes for great detecting fun.  What- you don't have experience as Web Detective?  Don't worry- it's a learnable trade.

Let's do a training session to show you how it's done.  First, do you have your Web Browser ready and your brain cells warmed up?  Okay, here's your first training exercise.  You'll have to start on it soon, before he starts taking the evidence off the web.

The Clues
1. Go to
2. Hit the About the Author tab where you can see all about David Boyer (and a few of his aliases).
3. Notice the glowing reviews of himself.
4. See the link near the bottom for a book called "Hot and Horrifying" by by David Boyer

Now for the fun part.  Want to see yet another Boyer identity??  Do the following:

The Detecting
5.  Go to
6.  Don't feel bad if it hurts your eyes- that just means you're normal
7.  Notice the editor "Jack Sawyer." 
8.  Realize that in the earlier link on the editor was David Boyer.
9.  Using basic pattern analysis, you think you've found a pattern.  David Boyer could equal Jack Sawyer??
10.  What about the other editor Nicole Kruex?  Extraneous data, Watson, except for what it reveals about the Street Psychology of our Plagiarist.  More on that later.

Remember, Web Detectives:  You can always track a plagiarist by their ego.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Boyer and "Inked in Blood" Tied Together

What's That- Boyer's Been Caught Masquerading Again???

It's official, Boyer and "Inked in Blood" are the same.  But is he using Kelli Kelso as a man's name, a cross-gender alias or just using a real person as a front?

Who cares???

Either way, don't go in to shock.  But be sure to tell your writers and readers the news because David Boyer and his aliases have a history of plagiarizing writers and not paying what he owes.

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