Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Iron Dave's First Confession

Like Most Con Men
He Wanted An Out

David Boyer has been publishing all over the web that he's not a plagiarist.  That it's all lies.  So I thought some of you would like to see what he sent me to publish back in October.

And you probably wonder why  the infamous Vincennes, Indiana mass plagiarist complains that he already confessed to me and apologized and I still won't let up.  Let's clear that up right now.  It's because he apologized under an alias!!!

Here's his first confession, delivered after the deadline I imposed, delivered without the complete list of his aliases I demanded and without him defining his theft as plagiarism.  He preferred the word "used."  See what you think.  More to come. 
“I, David Byron, Iron Dave, Doc Byron, admit I used Rick Moore's story, Electrocuting the Clowns, as my own, for monetary gain. I did so out of desperation due to extreme financial distress at the time of the act. Since then, I have been saved - became a Christian - and intend to move forward with my life in a much better manner, abiding by all the rules of the literary and publishing business, and will not commit this type of act again. I know it was wrong, and I sincerely apologize to Mr. Moore for doing this to him. I hope that all concerned will forgive me in time as well. 

David Byron / 10/5/2010”

Is he a dufus or what?  David Boyer tries to confess under an ALIAS.  So, he didn't meet the deadline I imposed, he didn't give a complete list of his aliases (he published my story with his various aliases on it all over the web) and he couldn't man up enough to give the apology in his own name. 

Ouch.  That's why people quit calling him Iron Dave and started calling him Tin Foil Dave.

Oh yes, and David Boyer plagiarized me AFTER he publicly delcared himself a Christian.  And did the same to many others after his declared "conversion."

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Monday, April 25, 2011

The April Fool and Two New "Pin the Tail on the Plagiarist" Contests

Come On.
  Guess the Fool.

Yes, it's true.  David Boyer actually worried what the Gort revelation was.  April Fool's, David!
He must have have come here a 100 times on April First to see if I'd found the source behind the rumor that he plagiarized Stephen King.  Paranoia is a terrible thing.  No alien policeman in his right mind would ever cross the galaxy to speak with Boyer.  To abduct Britney Spears and Charlie Sheen- absolutely!  But to talk to a plagiarist like David Boyer of Vincennes, Indiana?  Nah.

So what have I been up to?  I've been working on my book about David Boyer the mass plagiarst.  One of the people in his home town confided in me the surprising reason David is known by some as "Can't Hitchhike Dave." Also in my research I've uncovered what a former teacher thinks brought about Dave's self-defeating behavior and why it should embarass the whole town.

More to come as I keep stringing the facts together.  I have what to call the book already, and I'll announce it right after I pay the winner of the "Name the Book About Dave" contest. 
And since the title contest was so successful, I'm following it with two more contests!!.  I'm offering two research contest awards for $250.00 each.  Both are good until December 31st, 2011.  To begin with, I'll pay $250 to the first person to uncover and prove to me the real identity of the notorious plagiarist "Richard Ridyard."   No one has ever cracked his identity, and he (or she) is a real sleaze.  That answer will get you major cudos in the publishing industry, too.

Next, I've heard it rumored that David Boyer,, under one of his many aliases, plagiarized Clive Barker.  So I'll also pay $250 to anyone that can provide the proof of same to my satisfaction since I'd like to include the results in the book about Boyer.

Said proof must be obtained legally and with no cyberstalking and such because I want to make sure they're clean catches.  So each of you are responsible for your own research actions. As independent researchers, you are personally responsible for obeying all state and federal laws.  Please don't be deluging people with letters and emails.  Instead, look for what's posted on line.  The answers are there.  He's an internet person who can't stop trying to work his scams in the electronic world.  Within the last three months he was self-publishing a plagiarized Dean Koontz story and selling it over the internet.  He can't help himself. 

And remember, there are a lot of people looking for this proof.  You've watched all those TV detective shows.  You know how to do it!

Don't write Boyer or harass him.  His own guilt gives him enough headaches.  He's been reduced (don't laugh) to writing screenplays about getting his revenge against people who have exposed him as a plagiarist.  Very manly.

Yes I'm offering real research money.  So web detectives, go to it!  I'm itching to pay out the cash.

And David Boyer, you're welcome to participate!

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