Thursday, February 24, 2011

Boyergate Flash! Justice for Michael Wolf

I have great news for victims of David Boyer's plagiarism.  "The Dead Wall," a story written by talented Michael Wolf and subsequently plagiarized by David Boyer of Vincennes, Indiana has been reclaimed and published under Mr. Wolf's name on "The Horror Zine."  Jeani Rector, the magazine's award winning editor, has made a special effort to restore and recognize Mr. Wolf by announcing his story on the front page of her web site.  Well done, Jeani!  And congratulations, Michael!

In spite of Mr. Boyer's refusal to admit to plagiarism, the evidence of his plagiaries continues to grow.  Just this last week the superlative researcher B Thoughtful uncovered a whole new batch of his plagiaries and has begun to post about them on her blog "For News and Criticism..."

Since David Boyer the Vincennes, Indiana plagiarist won't confess to his victims, it is especially gratifying and encouraging to see courageous editors like Ms. Rector standing up for his victims and making the effort to make sure that they are given the recognition that Boyer stole from them.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Boyergate Flash! Cyber-Predator David Boyer Obsessed by Paranoid Conspiracy Delusions!

Vincennes, Indiana City Council
Unveils New Offices
For Paranoid Plagiarist

Although I don't correspond with plagiarist and cyber-predator David Boyer of Vincennes, Indiana, he fills my Inbox with threatening, paranoid-obsessive rants and accusations on an almost weekly basis.  He is convinced that I am hypnotically controlling an army of people I've never met to harass him and make his life a living hell.  He is afflicted by what alien psychiatrists call "paranoid conspiracy personality disorder."

The litany of his accusations and whacked-out beliefs is staggering.  Here's an excerpt from an email he sent me today:

"I have been informed recently by one of my ''spies'' that as of last week, I am now: 
A homosexual
A transsexual 
A transvestite
A hermaphrodite 
A bisexual
And a killer of small animals. 
A petty thief
A burglar
An ex-con with a list of less-than-desirable psychiatric evaluations 

That is, according to your ''recruits,'' who still bombard my email inbox on a daily basis, then LIE and say it was me who initiated the attacks. These accusations are unfounded, are untrue, and therefore can be and will be considered libel and slander, and will be saved to show the right person soon enough. I am just ''biding my time,'' right now, to accumulate even more evidence to use against all of you, which so far, as usual, you are all stupid enough to provide me with. 
   In addition, I have informed Amazon, Lulu, and any other publishing services I have used in the past about your activities, and did it by postal mail letter, with some comments tossed in by my legal rep. 

Best case scenario? You and your friends - within time - will be exposed as well, as what you really are:
On line terrorists

Have a good day!" 

Mind you, I don't write this paranoid or otherwise communicate with him.  He's angry, of course, that I exposed him as a plagiarist, con man and thief.  He's apologized repeatedly, but doesn't get the point that unless he confesses to plagiarism and copyright infringement, his apologies are meaningless.  He works hard at trying to convince us he's a Christian, but can't seem to get a handle on the confession thing because he's too prideful to admit he's guilty.

Instead, he continues to fill my Inbox with self-righteous threats and paranoia.  He's not guilty, he's just an honest plagiarist trying to make a living.  Anyone that exposes his criminal acts is guilty of stalking him and they, not him, are criminals.

For a guy I don't write, David Boyer the Indiana Plagiarist really wants me as an audience.

Wait, that's probably because he put his name on my story "Electrocuting the Clowns" and tried to convince the world it was his.  Too bad it was already copyrighted by me years before he stole it.

And who are some of the people who David Boyer the Indiana Plagiarist calls my rabid dogs? Why they're most likely other people he plagiarized and infringed.  Some of them copy me when they rail against him for his refusal to confess.  Some don't.  I really don't know everyone who emails David Boyer the Indiana Plagiarist.  But a mind-controlled mob?  Hardly.  Then again, it's hard for David Boyer to admit that women are independent.

Janrae Frank is a far better writer than I am.  Why would she need to take instruction from me?  Jeani Richter is a highly successful and respected magazine editor.  Why would she need to take directions from me?  B Thoughtful is a brilliant researcher in her own right- she doesn't need help from me.  But David Boyer displays in his emails a chauvinistic disdain for strong, intelligent women and can't get his mind around the idea that they make their own decisions.  Accepting that fact just might diminish his already shaky self-esteem.  Hard to have a good self-image, I suppose, if you steal from other people and aren't man enough to admit it.

You see, these strong, independent women each operate alone under their own free will.  Who they copy, they copy.  Who I copy, I copy.  We have our individual rights and we exercise them.  When they are of like mind and communicate with me, I'm just glad they let me know what's going on. 

But to a conspiracy theorist like David Boyer the Indiana Plagiarist, that's not possible.  He has to believe that there is an organized mob out to get him.

And the weird list of things he's been called by someone (imaginary or real) that he cites above, I have to say- who cares about his sexual preferences?  I've never met David Boyer and could care less.  As for how he treats animals- who knows?  He lies so much it's hard to have an opinion.  And as for him having a criminal or psychiatric background- that would be a matter of public record and it might be interesting research for the book I'm doing about him and his plagiaries.  But for now, if anyone cares the records are there for all to see and judge.  So if anyone wants to know, I say they check with the courthouse to see if he has a criminal record or not.  It's easy enough to do.

And, over the next few weeks I will probably do that, just to put the matter to bed.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Boyergate Flash!- Potato Plagiarist Claims "David Boyer Made Me Do It"

Now He's Gone Too Far

"Of all the times for this story to break," said Dr. P Head of Vincennes University.  "I've spent my whole life training potatoes to write.  I was in line for a Nobel Prize."

"Why potatoes?" I asked.

"Why not potatoes?" he said angrily. "And now this.  Whatever one of the little spuds writes, the others copy it word for word."

"That's incredible," I said.

"It's hideous,"  said Dr. P Head.  "They say David Boyer told them to do it.  I say I should have taught rhubarb to write- at least rhubarb's not so damned gullible.  Now my reputation is ruined.  What will happen to my government funding?"

"Maybe better luck with the carrots," I said, pointing toward long rows of the latent salad condiments.

His labcoat flapped behind him in the sudden breeze, his cheeks reddened as he propped his hands on his hips and he stared at me with contempt.

"Everyone knows carrots can't write," he said.

"Ah," I said, "But neither can David Boyer." 

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

BoyerGate Flash! Giant UFO Sighted Over Vincennes, Indiana Before Entire Town Vanishes

Crop circle scientists were puzzled by the complete disappearance of the entire town of Vincennes, Indiana at 11:35 p.m. EST.  "We saw these lights flashing in the sky and drove that way looking for some serious crop circles or cows dressed in women's clothing wearing lipstick," said the lead scientist.  "Damned if all we found was this really creepy guy sleeping in his bed by the side of the road where his house used to be. He was wearing a pair of glasses with a big rubber nose and a shirt that said he wasn't David Boyer."

The mystery deepened when the entire town re-appeared five hours later fifteen miles northeast of where it started out.  State Police were sent to investigate the reappearance of the town.

"Little kid called us," said Trooper DoRight.  "Said a giant UFO flew over his grandpa's farm and stopped.  He observed that it seemed to be spinning around and, according to the detector he built, it was emitting gamma radiation.  He and his grandfather went out to investigate."

"He built his own detector?" I asked.

"So anyway," continued the Trooper, "shortly thereafter while the kid is dialing 911, he sees a big round hatch open in the bottom of the ship and then the entire town of Vincennes, Indiana drops out of it and lands right on top his grandfather.  Squashed him flat as a plagiarist's heart."

"That's incredible," I said, holding my digital recorder higher so I wouldn't miss a word.

"Try this.  When we arrived, we found out that every male in the town claimed to be named John Smith and every woman said their name was Mary."

"Gets weirder and weirder," I said.

So I started researching.  Sometimes in the world of investigative journalism you get lucky, sometimes not.  This time, I got lucky.

It seems that every three years since the day notorious Vincennes plagiarist David Boyer was born, giant UFOs hover over the town, suck it up and dump it a few miles away while Boyer is sleeping.  I tracked down the former mayor of the little town and asked him what he knew about it.  He was living in a cave outside of Boise, Idaho and agreed to answer my questions if I would bring him something to eat that was not a potato.

"We tried to move farther away," he said bitterly, "but we didn't have enough money to pay for but fifteen miles every couple of years.  We were hoping some day to make it to Ohio.  But the damned aliens charged us a fortune in saucer fuel to move the whole town.  You can't negotiate with the little ETs.  They got the monopoly on town moving."

"You mean these weren't alien abductions?  Your town was paying them?"

"Yep," he said.  "You bring any more pickles?"

"But why?" I asked.

"Because I'm hungry," he said.

"No, I mean why would you people pay aliens to move the whole town?"

"Not the whole town," he insisted.  "We just wanted to get away from that stinking plagiarist.  That's why they always left him behind."

"But what about the cows dressed in women's clothing and wearing lipstick that the crop circle scientists sometimes found?"

"Think about it," he grinned.

So I did. 

And I grinned.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

David Boyer- The Online Predator who Poses as an Editor

Please don't let your daughters or sons
send stories or interviews to this man!

Before I contact Steven Marshall, David Boyer's ex-partner, I thought I'd answer a question sent to me by a young writer who asked whether or not Boyer's plagiaries over the internet made him an online predator.  It's a thoughtful question.  Here's my well thought out, detailed answer:


I've been reading through batches of correspondence sent to me by people who've had dealings with this online predator (David Boyer of Vincennes, Indiana) over the years, and they portray a disturbing picture of a unrepentant serial plagiarist and scam artist who uses the Internet as his hunting ground.  He victimized so many writers from StoryMania I'm surprised anyone still puts their stories up there.  He is so despised in the writing community and so written about that he's become a public figure.  His refusal to confess to any crimes or make restitution to his victimis at all is why, of course, we will continue to write and warn other writers, editors and publishers about him.

B. Thoughtful has detailed the beginnings of his plagiaries, copyright infringements on her blog, but there is still so much to document about his nefarious activities for the general public that there is still a great deal of investigating to be done.

David Boyer is, in fact, now the writing community's most most notorious online predator.  He put up shop on the web, asked for writers to submit their work, and then in a criminally blatant misuse of their trust, he started stealing their stories.  He's a thief.  I know, because he stole my story "Electrocuting the Clowns." 

I have many emails he wrote to other writers telling them how cool he was writing my story and how great it was he was nominated for a Stoker for it.  He didn't write it.  I did, but he tried to claim it was his thinking he wouldn't get caught.  But he did.  Charles P. Zaglanis, fiction editor at Elder Signs Press, found out about it and let me know.

So thank you to all who have sent me emails from David Boyer the plagiarist from Vincennes, Indiana.  I'll take any and all of his emails you have.  They are amazing helpful in analyzing his habits and methods.

Now, on to contacting Steven Marshall to collect more evidence.

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