Thursday, February 24, 2011

Boyergate Flash! Justice for Michael Wolf

I have great news for victims of David Boyer's plagiarism.  "The Dead Wall," a story written by talented Michael Wolf and subsequently plagiarized by David Boyer of Vincennes, Indiana has been reclaimed and published under Mr. Wolf's name on "The Horror Zine."  Jeani Rector, the magazine's award winning editor, has made a special effort to restore and recognize Mr. Wolf by announcing his story on the front page of her web site.  Well done, Jeani!  And congratulations, Michael!

In spite of Mr. Boyer's refusal to admit to plagiarism, the evidence of his plagiaries continues to grow.  Just this last week the superlative researcher B Thoughtful uncovered a whole new batch of his plagiaries and has begun to post about them on her blog "For News and Criticism..."

Since David Boyer the Vincennes, Indiana plagiarist won't confess to his victims, it is especially gratifying and encouraging to see courageous editors like Ms. Rector standing up for his victims and making the effort to make sure that they are given the recognition that Boyer stole from them.

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