Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Street Psychology of a Plagiarist, Part Two of Four- His Female Self?

Are David Boyer's New Online Identities Female?

It might be true.  Most plagiarists lie constantly.  They can't seem to help themselves.  For example, I was told by one writer that Boyer once claimed to be a gay man living at home taking care of his parents (I have this in black and white), and yet on other sites he loudly proclaims himself to be heterosexual. None of those he's plagiarized really care about his sexual preferences, of course.  It's none of our business.  We'd just like him to go away.  So he seems to- but does he really?

Cons like Boyer are addicted to hiding behind new identities.  Why not pose as someone of the opposite sex?  To a plagiarist, one identity is as good as the next.  Why not pretend to be a woman.  Who would ever guess it was them?  Or as a police friend told me, "Oh yeah, pretend to be a woman.  That's original."

You see, the street psychology of con men including editors and publishers like Boyer who don't pay promised royalties, print things without the permission of the authors and blatantly plagiarize other writer's work is that they think they're above the law.  They think they're above the law because they're smarter than we are.  As an example, cons often think that by a simple change of identities that no one can find them.  Like kids who hide under a blanket and don't think they can be found.

The world of the internet bolsters their psychological addiction to taking what isn't theirs because they think it is an unaccountable wasteland across which no one's identity can be tracked.  They think if they create a new email they're home free.  A new freeweb site and who could guess it's them?  Then a new name for a new magazine or publishing house and bingo- they're in business again.  Right?  No one can figure out it's them.
Why, maybe they can even post the new magazine at Duotrope under the new name and they're in business again.  Like David Boyer did with his Leo Wolf identity.

Like most patients, plagiarists like Boyer aren't aware that they have a problem.  They're perfectly normal.  How dare we question them.  We're the ones who are out of control.  If you've read any of Boyer's postings around the web, you'll know what I mean.

He thinks it's perfectly normal to make up new identities and hide behind them.  He's being persecuted, you see.  He's not trying to avoid accountability.  Why no- he's a rebel publisher and we're all demanding he quit plagiarizing us because we're jealous of his talent.

Boyer and his ilk can't stop themselves.  They are a victim of their own psychology. 

Hide, deny.  Make a new email.  Another freeweb.  A new magazine.  Try to suck in new authors. Another email address.  Sound angry if people question you. Hide, deny. Repeat as long as necessary.

With that kind of psychological imperative, could David Boyer have created a female identity to hide behind at his latest magazine?

You tell me- but let's all investigate thoroughly before we decide.  I'll give you the name of the magazine(s) in question next week.

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  1. I know plenty of convicts that have aliases, and even in prison, they feel as if they got a raw deal. You've hit the nail on the head with this post.

  2. Sorry; I got stuck staring at the amazing picture you used. I don't know why, but I'm hypnotized by it.

  3. "Criminal or Entrepreneurial Versatility:
    Changes their image as needed to avoid prosecution. Changes life story readily."

    Quoted from  "Profile of the Sociopath at "
    If you are following the saga of David Boyer's plagiarism and copyright infringement, this page is a must read for understand Boyer.

    Please visit for the truth about Boyer via screen captures.

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  5. Hi JR! It just seems like so much work having all these identities. Can't the guy just go straight?

  6. B. That says it all, doesn't it?

  7. It reminds me of the idiot who stole a guy's cellphone and took photos of himself with the stolen goods. The guy who owned the phone was able to download all this content to his new phone and gave the photos to the police.