Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Street Psychology of a Plagiarist, Part Three of Four- An Inconvenient Broom

Trying to Clean Up

When they're exposed, a plagiarist immediately tries to blame the victim and sweep their tracks clean so no one can prove anything.  If the Internet is involved, they try to delete all the evidence.  Too bad they can't.  The "Delete" button is just an inconvenient broom. 

Take Boyer, please.

We have screenshots of everything he said he never did.  B Thoughtful is doing a wonderful job of chronicling them.  Many more to come.

For some reason Boyer thinks that the various publishers he's used, including Lulu et al don't keep records.  In his mind, if he deletes web postings, the publisher's records can't be subpoened.

That's the key element in a plagiarist's street psychology- the compulsion to ignore reality and re-make it so they seem to be the victim.  And that nothing really happened. 

But the Internet can't be swept clean. 

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